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 Land of Immortals

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PostSubject: Land of Immortals   Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:57 am

Lenore is a Frog ruler, and this is his disappearance.

Short Story

In a realm of twisted proportions and a psychosomatic system of user control, sitting upright in his throne of bones and gore, withered and old laid the old King Lenore. Lenore had been the central operations of the psychosomatic system of controlling the wicked and the suicide. But Lenore had grown weary of the immortals. He wanted to have that fuel. After Eight thousand years of drinking off the fountain of youth, he desire pure immortality. Giving his crown to his second song Miguel, Lenore settled off. Leaving behind memories of the suicide there. He only had little time, and little experience of the world of the immortals. He had read about the world of immortals in previous books. Some of which, the Book of h***, Book of Heavens, Book of Demons, Book of Myths, and the main prier, Book of Immortals. He knew that had a secret behind the ancient gates of northern heaven stars. He roamed aimlessly, seeking and searching for even the smallest clue or evidence. But fate had betrayed him. Over the four years in search of the secrets, fours years of scattering the land for the land of the immortals, fate had deceive him. Exhausted by famine and dehydration, he rested on a nice leaf pile. Once sitting on it, the pile sunk in the hole. Lenore couldn't believe it, the books were factual. He dipped inside and landed on a panel of lightness and divinity. Marched along the narrow grassy path. Gazing at disbelief of the ancients. The walls, the winders, the emblems, and the very insignia of the immortals, the north divine eagle. Planted on the very top of the great hold, surrounded by lightness. The doors had opened and Lenore, showing minor shock, entered the gates halls, and reappeared in the opposite end. Seeing the great beautiful district of the immortals. Lenore gasped at the sight. Outside the gate was merely darkness, but inside was very different. Inside the gates was lightness. The sun. Lenore lurked around as if he was a stray cat, and glimpsed at everything inside the windows. He approached another new district, but in command sense, it was probably the main district, due to a main ancient work-of-art like structure towering over him. He entered with caution, and saw Four giant beings. " Gods " He had presumed, slowly walking down the golden aisle. The paintings among the ceilings and sides were unnatural. Not Leonardo, Da Vinchi, or Raphael could even tried to make it. But the god like beings were not pleased. One of the four hammered his staff onto the floor with drew Lenore's attention greatly. " How dare you, what madness told you to discover us? What idiotic master forced you? " Lenore didn't respond back. He shown no power, and feared them, as they approached him closer, towering over his body as if he was a mouse. The four beings slammed their weapons onto the floor, which caused a black hole to appear underneath Lenore. Lenore didn't realize it till his body became frozen. He then descending. Farther than anyone would have expected. Falling deeper and deeper, The forever blackness had not fade. Lenore's ice armor melted away, and Lenore was no longer left, but to slowly die, but not even death got him. Every time he felt hungry, thirty, he would have to suffer, as he body filled up with a new urge, nothing he could cure it. He had to fall for eternity. Forever...
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Land of Immortals
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