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PostSubject: HOLY SHT HAX!   Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:04 am

I was using a FORCE ENCOUNTER CODE that I randomly made until an evil impostor Misty WANTED TO KILL ME!

I don't exactly remember what code brought her up so I will give you the 3 I was using at the time.

FYI These are GameGenie!




I think one of them was a Machamp but I don't quite remember. Another one was a wried M block that crashed upon the Battle starting (and MAN did that scare me lol) and the other one was the evil Misty... thing. I don't know which code was which (I was messin around at the time putting in random letters and numbers so I didn't name them) So if anyone can find out which code was the Misty thing I would appreciate it. Also fill me in on WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!! Hope you enjoy that little tune I remixed its the trainer battle from Pokemon Gold/Silver. Thank you VGMusic! I would use the original music but Hypercam SUCKS!
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