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 The Prodigious Sanctum

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PostSubject: The Prodigious Sanctum   Sat May 01, 2010 3:57 am

The Prodigious Sanctum

I'm going to tell you a story
About two young teenagers
Frolicking in the smoke-filled gardens
That even crack dealers would stay away.
Every night around six
The two would light up a campfire
And smoke away their troubles
Their troubles weren't really established
Though it was proven they were having trouble
Like everyone else a part of this world
Whether it's money or deaths
But the two teenagers carried on
Not worrying about school or family
And sustain smoking without care
Their I.Qs slowly decreasing as dawn approached
It had been twelve hours since their last smoke
After fifty months they were found dead
Drugs thrust in their eyeballs
It was concluded to be an accident.

So I ask my friends
" Have you seen the accident at the garden? "
And everyone else just looked at each other
Asking " Did you see it? "
I told them the story of the two teenagers
Both lesbians who took a ride
Away from their troubles
They didn't want to die in an open field
Or an automobile
Poisons or toxins
It was a damn shame they didn't see the accident
I wrote down the brief story
I titled it pretty simple yet understandable
" Ode to the Druggies "
And everyone laughed around my age number
Except my teachers who scolded me
About the title of it that it is against the rules
Well how was I suppose to know 'druggies' is bad?

I went home with a referral
Stating the nonsense that committed
I showed it to my mother and she laughed
So childish that she even called the school
To create more problems but I rather say nothing.

Weekend came
I went to the pawn shop
I ask the pawn vendor
" Hey Mr. Elder-man. "
And he responded back to me
But I stared at him
With my eyes oozing crystal substances
" I wanna Kill you. "
I blurted and the vendor said
" Well go a head I have nothing to live for "
So I shot him in the eyeball
The bullet was lodged in his brain
He was stupid for a second
Soiled himself down his beige pants
I laughed inhumanly
My teeth shaking in spasm movements
My snot turning from gold green to blood red
And my fingers growing persistently
After that day I never looked in anyone's eyes again
I thought it was my end

I felt lustful and free
I desired a place to hide
Hearing about a sanctum over the Mexican border
Crossing there would be my only escape
So I marched down south first to Atlanta
Then marched west to Houston
Straight down to San Antonio
And crossed the border not looking back
I spotted the hiding place I sought
The prodigious Sanctum
Rims as gold as a snake's eyes
Large enough to fill many immigrants from Americans
Walking in there I sat with arms folded
Awaiting my death
However it took much longer than I thought
I was then in such a trance that I was in an island
With two girls smoking marajuana
The girls involve with the accident from before.

For seven years I spent my life on that island
Playing the strange games with the women on that island
They told me never trot north but I did
I saw the ancient temple of Exile
And looked around the halls of paintings
I then awoke from my slumber
Only to find I was merely disporting myself
So I walked out the Sanctuary that was prodigious
And I saw billions of people looking at me
Waiting for an answer
I stood up with a strange staff to my left hand
I looked at them all and I said
" For many years I had hide away from you all
Just like today's society hiding the artist
I prove to you that there are still artist out there
Whether poetry or drawn
So I ask of you fellow originals
Who here wants to carry out the tradition of creativity
If you responded yes then follow me
Cause we are heading to the town of my birth
And we will repel the insolence with our pencils
Our minds vast as the story of God
We will unleash such terrible vengeance
That the very story of our courageous efforts
Will be much more vast than the original Bible of Christianity! "

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The Prodigious Sanctum
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