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 Zetsepkuu: Legacy

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PostSubject: Zetsepkuu: Legacy   Wed Apr 21, 2010 9:36 am

This is story is a revamp of my character Spark's storyline as it was 2 years ago along with some of my old FCs (Spark is known as Zetsepkuu because that was his name at the time).

Chapter 1: Hero from Beyond the Stars! (click for chapter theme)

It was a starry night on Seven Island as Princess Yami looked up to the stars from her balcony. The Island had started to suffer the influence of Yami's father, King Sora. He had been cursed by an evil wand that slowly corrupted him. He had gone mad with power, even as far as enslaving the inhabitants of the island. "When will this end?" Thought Yami still looking up at the Sky. "I wish a hero would come down from the heavens and set my father free..." Said Yami as she watched a Shooting Star. Suddenly, the star got closer, and closer and closer....BOOM! Something had crashed beneath her balcony, but what? Yami ran outside and looked to see what it was. She was shocked to find out that it was a hedgehog! "Oh no....he must have crashed...." Said Yami looking with sadness on her face. She looked to the side of the hedgehog only to see a broken star. Was he using this for transportation? Yami thought, "Maybe I can use my star power to bring him back to life..." Yami made a wish, walked next to the hedgehog, leaned down and....kissed him! The mysterious hedgehog started to breathe again. "Gasp!" Exclaimed the hedgehog getting up quickly. "Were you just...kissing me?" Asked the hedgehog. "Yes, you see, you were dead and I-" The hedgehog interupted. "I get it. You brought me back to life. Thank you...errr, what's your name?" Asked the hedgehog. "I am Princess Yami, and this is Seven Island." She said with gleaming eyes. "I see, I'm Zetsepkuu, galaxy traveler!" Said Zetsu with an arrogant look on his face. Yami paused, almost lifeless recalling the wish she had previously made. "Is he, THE one?" She thought still paused. "Damn, my Starboard is wrecked....I need to repair it before I can travel again." Said Zetsepkuu with a sigh. "Um, excuse me but, are you a hero?" Asked Yami staring at Zetsu. "Not that I know of. I just travel the galaxy for adventure and to find interesting things." Said Zetsepkuu. "Hmmm....I'll tell you what. You can stay with me in my castle for a while until your board is fixed-" Before Yami could finish, the dark king Sora was standing behind her looking angrier than ever with his pure light blue eyes glowing. "YAMI! Get back in the castle NOW! And your little friend here, what are you doing with my daughter!" Sora zapped Zetsu with lightning knocking him on the ground! "Ugh...I don't know who you think you are, but get your hands off Yami!" Zetsepkuu hopped on his board, it barely running and snagged Yami! "Guards! After him! Kill him and the girl if you have to...." As Zetsepkuu and Yami rode off with guards on their tail, this exciting chapter comes to a close.

Chapter Extras: Guard Chase Theme

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PostSubject: Re: Zetsepkuu: Legacy   Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:22 am

*Claps* This is good Ace. I'm typing my story similar to the way you typed this.
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Zetsepkuu: Legacy
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