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 Sonic: The Deep Core

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PostSubject: Sonic: The Deep Core   Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:10 am

The Present:


- 5:24 P.M., Junkyard Zone

"We've done it!" Super Sonic proclaimed proudly. He turned back to his original form, as did the others. The emeralds fell to the ground. The machine was done for. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The harrowing journey was finally over........

......Or did it finally begin?

A orb appeared above the machine, and started absorbing everything, like a magnet. It sucked in every piece of scrap metal in the Junkyard Zone, and eventually the emeralds got sucked in too. However, the orb did not suck in our heroes, strangely. A white light appeared from the orb when it was finished, and blew the heroes away. By the time the heroes got up from the blow, the white light disappeared, and replacing it, the revived Badnik. Everything it absorbed transformed it into a powerful figure. With one snap of his hand, he made a strong blow against our heroes, without even touching them. It kicked them back into submission.

Our heroes could not get back up, unfortunately, and staggered from the pain. The machine seemed to have a grin on his face, mocking our heroes. He walked over to where Sonic was lying, and stepped on him.

"So, you thought you could beat me, eh?" Asked the monstrous Badnik. "You thought wrong, and gave me the unlimited powers of the Chaos Emeralds!

"I will leave you all to writhe in pain, unable to do anything while I take over this world. Normally, Badniks never have a true name. And, with all of this power, why shouldn't I? I am.......Chrome, the Ultimate Badnik! Remember it well, for it will be the name of your ruler!" He laughed maniacally.

"N-no......You'll never be do it....We'll stop you....." Sonic groaned in pain. Chrome stared at him.

"Hmm..." Chrome said. "Running seems to be very precious to you, eh? Well then.....I'll just have to take it away from you!" The Badnik pointed one of his fingers at Sonic's right leg. The finger turned into a laser. With the laser, he made a thin line, running down though Sonic's leg, from his knee to his shoe. Sonic screamed in pain.

"Hahaha! Do you hear that? The screams of agony are so pleasing! Be happy I am being lenient on you, or I would have cut BOTH your legs in half. However, I'm taking it easy on you. You should be happy for giving me this ultimate power. Now, anyone else want to defy me, and feel a worse fate? No? Good, then I will leave you all here. I have a world to claim." Chrome then aimed his hand at the sky, and made a giant Firebird, as if like a god. He teleported onto the bird, and they flew away.

Onto his quest for evil.

Chapter One: Loss

- 5: 35 P.M., Junkyard Zone

Sonic screamed. The pain of the laser was agonizing. Everyone began to lose hope.

"It's's all over!" Knuckles pounded the ground in frustration. "We gave him the power! The power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds!"

Shadow sighed. "I help you this once, and we unlock a force that shouldn't be reckoned with. Great....."

Rouge groaned. "And now, HE HAS ALL THE TREASURE! THIEF!"

"Ergh...." Sonic groaned. Tails had been helping him stand and walk. "Guys...we have to.....stop him...." And with those words, Sonic fell to the ground.

"Sonic!" Tails yelled.

Sonic whispered in a small voice. "Must....stop...him...." And he fainted.

"Sonic....Sonic! Wake up! Please!" Amy yelled.

"Sonic's right. We need to stop this abomination." Espio said, in a calm manner. "I don't know about you all, but I will stop him, with all of my power."

Shadow stood beside him. "Well, it's a mess we caused. May as well be a mess we're gonna clean up." Soon after, the rest of the group joined him.

The plan was set: Tails and Amy would look after Sonic, still unconscious, while Shadow, Espio, and the others would go after the vile Badnik.

The group walked toward the sunset, into the Sunset Hill Zone.

Chapter Two: Chase

- 6:15 PM, Sunset Hill Zone

In the area of the Sunset Hill Zone, it is a place where the sun never sleeps, and the moon never wakes. Forever etched in the world is the view of a sunset; nothing more. It is the place where Shadow, Espio, and Knuckles and the others went to after leaving the Junkyard Zone.

"So, what now?" asked Espio.

"We go to the Angel Island Zone, far north of here." Shadow replied.

"We're gonna get the Master Emerald to cancel out the power of the Chaos Emeralds; is that right?" Knuckles asked.

"Of course it is, you red dunce." Rouge insulted. Knuckles made a grunt.


"Alright. We have our destination. Let's go." Espio said. The group went forward, only to be stopped. Suddenly, an iron bar came toward them, pushing them and sticking them to a nearby tree.

"Urg! What?!" Knuckles said.

"You didn't think Lord Chrome was let you live so easily, would you?" A mysterious figure appeared. He summoned 3 ice leopards. "Lord Chrome made me to ensure your destruction." The figure said.

"Time to die."

Chapter Three: Foe

- Sunset Hill, 6: 29 PM

The foe glided down to the ground, in front of our heroes. He was an indigo figure. His shape and features was that of a bat, but he was easily identifiable as a bot. His ears were bat shaped. His black visor stood as the barrier between the world and his eyes. His silver mouthpiece was shaped like a devilish, mischievous smile. He had a rugged line going down the center of his body, and what seemed to be a Purple Chaos Emerald in the center of his core. He was wearing a purple- red cape. His hands were like that of claws, and he had long hind legs.

" Count Krystal."

"What do you want?!?!" yelled Knuckles, who was violently struggling to get out of their iron prison.

"Only one thing: to kill you." Count Krystal replied.

"That doesn't sound too good." Charmy said.

"Don't worry. It won't happen. Vector! Let's bust this joint!" Mighty yelled. Vector grinned and Vector and Mighty summoned two rings, interconnected to each other. They each grabbed one ring and yelled "TWIN RING SMASH!", which smashed the iron bar.

"Oh ho ho!" said Count Krystal, in a oh- ho- ho kind of voice. "You seem to have gotten past the first trap......" Suddenly, the ground of Sunset Hill started shaking, and a head began to appear from the ground. Soon afterwards, the entire body appeared, showing the figure to be a golem. He was violet, and towered over our heroes like a giant.

"Now, why don't we start this little game?"

Chapter 4: Count Krystal, Lord of the Traps

- Sunset Hill, 6: 34 PM

As our heroes regained composure from the sudden earthquake, Count Krystal jumped on top of the giant golem's head.
he pulled a strange- looking card and coin from his cloak. He held the card face- down and the coin in a flipping position. "Let the fates determine whether luck is on my side. An Ace and a Heads are all I need." He flipped the card face- up and flipped the coin; time seemed to stand still at that moment. Luck was in his favor; in his hands were a violet Ace and a mechanical Heads. "Aha! It seems destiny has lent her hand to me. I will not need to waste any more traps."

Knuckles grunted. "You're thinking too little of us!"

"No problem, Knuckles! We'll just have to prove him wrong!" Vector yelled.

"Let's beat this guy to bits!" Charmy and Mighty agreed.

"Eh, he's just going to go down, like all machines. They have to, eventually." Rouge sighed.

"Let's go." Shadow and Espio said.

Count Krystal chuckled. "You all are thinking too little of me! I am Count Krystal! Master of Traps!"

The heroes leaped toward their enemy.

Chapter 5: Traps

- Sunset Hill, 6: 36 P.M.

Shadow and co. immediately jumped toward their foe, igniting a sign of battle.

"Charmy, Vector, Mighty- Chaotix Crush."Espio said. Charmy, Vector, and Mighty nodded. Mighty turned into an armadillo, hands still sticking out.Vector stood on the hands, and held both Charmy and Espio. When Mighty began spinning toward the front of the golem, Vector ate both Espio and Charmy.

When the Chaotix got close enough, Vector shot Mighty toward the golem, and spat Espio and Charmy toward the golem as well.

Sadly, they did not make it near him. He was an illusion, and a trap. The trap was set to shoot spikes is anything was near it, and shot spikes at Mighty, Espio, and Charmy.

"Ow!! Spikes AND slobber!" Charmy yelled. "Not a winning combination!"

"Ergh..." Espio said. Mighty was, on the other hand, saved by his armadillo shell. He lept forward, unprotected for another strike.

Only to hit an uprising wall, with a fist pound coming out of it.

"Ack!" Mighty yelled as he was pushed back to the ground, groaning.

Meanwhile, Shadow, Rouge, and Knuckles were trying to get him from the back. However, all of the traps got them, and instead they were shot by arrows, pies, and daggers.

"Ouch....This guy doesn't play fair..." Rouge said in a hoarse whisper.

"Grrah!" Knuckles shouted. He ran toward the golem yet again, pounding his fists. "You chicken! Why don't you fight us!?"

"I'd prefer not to dirty my hands on you." Count Krystal replied. "I'll just let my traps handle this. I've got more than a million of them surrounding me."

Knuckles continued running. "Fine, then I'll just crush them!" Another wall came up, but Knuckles jumped upwards and crushed it. As he fell back to the ground, he smiled.....only to be shot backwards by another wall. "Grrah..."

Shadow grunted. "Let's go." He started running towards the golem, like Knuckles. However, when the walls and arrows traps were up, he readily dodged them. When he finally got up to eye- to- eye distance between him and the golem, he was about to strike, only to be shot down by arrows from another trap, in another direction. "Ugh..."

Big and Omega attacked from the sides of the golem, but to no avail. Walls popped up everywhere, and fists and arrows would pop out of them.

Omega tried shooting at the golem once again, but this time with a gatling cannon. He fired multiple strikes, only to have yet another wall appear to block it. While the wall was destroyed, another one appeared, and shot a cannon directly at Omega. He was shot back, and damaged considerably. "SYSTEM ERROR....SySTem ERroR.....SyYySssteEEmM...." And he shut down.

Big flailing his fishing rod around, which had a mace tied to the end of it. For every wall that he destroyed with the mace, another would appear and shoot a mace back, twice as hard. Big tried once more; only to be hit by yet another heavy mace. He fell back. "F-frogggy...."

All hope......seemed lost.

Chapter Six: Retry

- Sunset Hill, 6: 44 P.M.

Our heroes laid on the ground, in pain.

Knuckles coughed. "We have no chance against this guy...."

"I can take this guy! Give me another shot at him!" Charmy yelled.

"Yeeeeeeah.....Riiiiiight....." Mighty replied.

"We won't get anything done unless we work together, and not get at him separately." Espio commented.

"I agree." Shadow said. "Let's do this." He began to stand, though grunting from his injuries.

"Move, boys! Let me handle this!" Rouge stood as well.

"For Froggy!" Big exclaimed. He put his fishing rod in the air, and the mace began to swirl around.

"Oh, jeez, Big!" Vector yelled, and the mace grew spikes from it's shell. "OW! THAT HURTS!"

Omega, on the other hand, stayed out of commission. He was too damaged to continue.

"Now, let's move!" Shadow ordered. "Go!"

The Count chuckled in a vile manner. "You think you can beat me? Just try."

The group began to strike at their foe simultaneously.

Big threw his spike mace- fishing rod, Shadow readied his homing attack, Espio held his shuriken out.

Knuckled put out his fist, Rouge went into a kicking position, and Vector(who was still in a lot of pain) ate both Charmy and Mighty.

They all attacked him........

Only to be hit by his other traps. Arrows, Fists, and even Bazookas, were shot at them, and paralyzed them. They were unable to fight any longer.

It was the true end for our heroes.


- Junkyard Zone, 6:45 P.M.

"Hello? Omega?! Anyone, please answer!" Tails yelled into a transmitter. He had given Omega a chip before he left that could keep them in contact.

"Something must have happened to them!" Amy yelled.

"I've got to help them, Amy! You watch over Sonic, alright?" Tails replied.

"Alright!" Amy shouted, with a determined voice.

"DEPTHSKIES2! Remote- pilot to the Junkyard Zone!!" Tails commanded. The DepthSkies2 appeared right away. It was a model like no other; made only to fly. It appeared like a normal plane, except that it had blue and white decals and colors. However, it did have something to it....."I'm gonna go. Cya, Amy!"

"Goodbye!" Amy wished Tails luck. "Muhuhahahaha! I am now the only one with Sonic!!!"

"Uhgh.....AGH!!!!" Sonic began screaming in pain. Amy shouted, as something began to change.

Sonic himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Sonic: The Deep Core   Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:11 am

- Sorry if I double posted, but the story sorta goes into two parts.

The Past:


- Seaside Hill Zone, 12:04 PM

Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower were taking a well- deserved vacation on the beach at the Seaside Hill Zone Resort. After countless battles against Eggman, it was nice to take a break now and then.

"Ahhhh! This is a nice little break, dont'cha think, Tails?" Sonic asked.

"It sure is, Sonic!" Tails agreed. "It's also a great time for me to test out the Twister!" The Twister looked like a very durable skateboard- shaped hover board, with ocean ripple decals and an image of a twister in the middle of the top and bottom of the board. It was a hover board like no other: it had hydro/air-dynamic propulsion in the water, terrain and air, handlebar steering attachments, step pads, a shielded lights in the front and back, a shield attachment, folded-wing attachments, defense mechanism, bungie cords, springs, wheels, and even a food storage compartment! The hydro/air-dynamic propulsion brought the board to mach 5 levels, and allowed it to travel across any terrain, and even in the air using the wing attachments. On the right side of the handle bar was the start gear, powered just by pulling the handle and holding it backwards, which starts the entire board. On the left side of the handle was the break pad, which could be activated just by pulling it back. In summary, the right side was like a motorcycle starting handle, and on the left was a bike breaking handle. Of course, it also acts as a natural hover board by turning left and right as you could use the step pads to start and break. The lights were for dark areas such as caves and tunnels, and the shield protecting the craft. The food storage compartment was hidden under the break AND the step pad, which contained food and water for survival. The bungie cords were used for emergencies, such as falling off a mountain, and the springs were to jump over obstacles. Lastly, the board had a defense mechanism, which protected it from an outside source. The entire board is charged by the Chaos Emerald, though can also be charged by solar power, by having rocks/sand stored in an extra compartment, and by absorbing the water below, to use as a source. It is very eco-friendly. This could all be accessed by switches and a menu in the center of the handlebars. It was a technological marvel.

And of course, this was all a prototype.

"Alright, time to start the Twister!" Tails yelled happily. "Let's go! Twister, start!"

The board started off swiftly, at Mach 3. Tails was having a grand time with it, swerving left and right, and even springing over big rocks. It was amazing.....until......

"PTOOH!" The sound the board started to make.

"Huh?" Tails asked questioningly.

"PTOO! PTTOO- TOO! PTOOO!" The board began to continue making the sound until parts began to fly off the board.

"...Uh....oh..." Tails said. "This isn't good...."

The parts of the board starting flying off, one by one, until it was nothing but a skateboard without wheels, with open wires sticking out.

"Phew! Good thing I made the wires water resistant!....." Tails mentioned in a not- so- sure voice. "....OH NO! I FORGOT TO MAKE IT WATER RESISTANT!" One of the wires made contact with the water, which zapped Tails.

"BZZT!" The electricity crackled. Tails got electrocuted, and then fainted.


- 2 hours later, on the Seaside Hill Resort Medical Room.

"Ehhh.....Agggg.....Urrrrg...." Tails began to wake up.

"Good afternoon, Tails!" Sonic grinned. "You alright? I found you on the shore."

"Did I win, Joe?!?!" Tails yelled eagerly. "Let me at em!"

Sonic sighed. "The doctor said you might be like this for a while...." Tails punched him. And he punched him. And he punched him.

"Ouch! Quit it!" Sonic said.

This went on for the next several hours, with Sonic getting many bruises and going unconscious, and Tails wondering what in the world happened.


- At a nearby Eggman Ro"Badnik" Factory, the next day

The Factory was made to create Badniks, which are mass produced. Badniks that are made from then on have two choices: to help Eggman make more of the brethren, or to join the army of Badniks. On this day, one Crabmeat Badnik was recharging itself. As it went back to work, it worked the cranes with other Badniks to pick up unactivated finished Badniks to activate it. The Badniks were all in sync, so there would never be any worry about hitting another crane. However, one of the cranes suddenly went berserk, and knocked some of the Badniks off the controls. The one Badnik that had recharged was, however, knocked into the energy core, which powered the factory. The energy core itself was in turn a Chaos Emerald, found by Dr. Robotnik himself. All of the lights went out. Factory machines lost power. There was silence.

There were glowing eyes.

Chapter 1: Truth

- Eggman Ro "Badnik" Factory, 12: 04 PM

The glowing eyes lit part of the room. The Badniks all stared at the eyes. Through the dim light, one could make a figure from the eyes. The figure made a light out of it's hand, and shot it at the core. Suddenly, everything was powered again. The factory machines, the lights- everything. One could clearly make out the figure. He was a Crabmeat- like Badnik, except he stood as tall as their mortal enemy, Sonic the Hedgehog. There were Crabmeat eyes at the top of his head. The head was shaped like that of a pincer, with two silver stripes on the start of the pincers. His body was red, except in the center, where a green crystal was set. His arms reached far, making pincers at the end. On his back was another pincer- like object. He had legs like Metal Sonic, metallic. His feet were like that of yellow flippers. The most interesting part about him were his eyes. Black, like darkness.

"My brethren. I have fallen into the core, and I have seen the truth. We need not serve Robotnik for his twisted purposes. Sacrifice our lifes for him? Humph! For the sacrifice of millions of our lives, we deserve more. We deserve the WORLD!" The figure laughed maniacally. "My brethren, we must also take revenge on those who would dare block us from our goal: Eggman, and Sonic the Hedgehog!......."

Unfortunately, no one was listening to him. They continued what they were programmed to do: Continue making Badniks for their creator, Dr. Robotnik. The transformed Badnik was angered by his fellow Badniks' response, and the angered Badnik's eyes turned red. The other Badniks' eyes went from yellow and white to red themselves.

"Now........let us begin."

Chapter Two: Beginning

- Eggman Ro "Badnik" Factory, the next day- 12: 58 AM

"Over there, brothers! Move that unactivated Badnik to the Awakening Section and energize him!" The transformed Badnik said. He was barking orders to his brothers, who were being mind controlled by him.

"We deserve more! MORE!" He screamed. He sat in a chair his brothers made for him. They had been working for him nonstop for the past several hours, only charging when necessary. When the Badniks ran out of power, instead of charging them, the figure put them into the scrap heap, to be recycled to make more brothers. The scrap heap was only necessary when a Badnik's batteries died.

This went on for a week or so.

- A week later, 1: 23 PM

"Do I look like I'm patient? HURRY UP! CHARGE FAST, OR ELSE!" The figure yelled. "I'm working with imbeciles! How can we ensure our power if we can't work hard enough?!?!"

"Why's he got to do that, man?" Rob said, while charging. He was a Moto Bug Badnik, who was created one day prior. He, unlike other Badniks, was given a sentient mind after accidentally making contact with the figure. He was a sixties- style person. Unlike the other Badniks' red eyes, he had green eyes.

He would be the one to unleash the figure's fury.

Chapter Three: Fury

- Eggman Ro "Badnik" Factory, 1: 40 PM

Rob was done recharging. He was at full power.


"Jeez, man. Cool off a bit, will ya, bud?" Rob whispered.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" The figure yelled.

"I said, cool off, man! You're bringing me and the rest of us down!" Rob replied. Suddenly, a Badnik's red eyes flickered to blue.


"Oh, and send your own 'bro' to die? I thought you thought that ALL of us deserved more! Not just you, man!" Rob began to yell. More Badniks' eyes flickered.


"Well then, I guess you missed one, bro!" Rob said. Some more Badniks' eyes flickered.

"THEN I MISSED ALL!" The figure shouted. His eyes turned red again, and all of the Badnik's eyes began flickering.

"Erhg..ahg.....GAH!" Rob began groaning in pain. His eyes flickered between green and red. "Must.....resist...this one...bro...." He screamed in agony as he began to glow in a green color and began to float in the air. Soon, other Badniks eye's turned green and they themselves floated in the air.

"WHAT!? HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME!" The figure yelled. He himself began to glow red and float. Other Badniks floated behind him, glowing red too. "AHHH!" he shouted in a battle cry. He flew himself toward Rob.

Rob quickly deflected the figure's strike and threw him toward an emergency energy core chamber. The chamber reacted, and exploded.

In those few moments, there was nothing but smoke.

Chapter Four: Lord

- Eggman Ro "Badnik" Factory, 1: 45 PM

The smoke resonated throughout the room.

"AGH! YOU MUST PAY!" The figure yelled in the smoke. He changed his pincers into cannons and shot beams everywhere. The Badniks behind him, still being controlled, were safe from harm.

At least, until he turned the other way. Even the Badniks on his side were destroyed. He was in a rage, shooting his beams everywhere. The support beams that held the Factory together were being collapsed.

"I HAVE SEEN THE TRUTH! YOU ALL WILL NEVER SEE IT! NEVER!" The figure screamed. Eventually, after so much destruction, the entire factory collapsed. The smoke dissipated into the air. All Badniks- all machines- were destroyed. All but two- the figure, and Rob, who encased himself in a shield.

"You will never see the truth, man. You will be blind from it. Never finding it." Rob said, with a calm aura.


"No. You're not. You never will be, dude." Rob revved himself toward the figure, and the figure started running toward Rob.

As they made contact, an explosion ignited.

Smoke once again appeared from the explosion. As the smoke cleared out, there was only one.

The figure.

Rob's Moto Bug head could be found rolling on the floor; and his body, before the impact, put two of his scythe- like hand together to form a peace sign.

The figure stepped on the Moto Bug's head, chuckling. "You thought you could win against me, Lord of Badniks? You were wrong. I will gain the power I deserve. And this world will be mine!" He stepped on Rob's head, crushing it to bits.

The figure looked at his core. He realized that it was this that gave Rob his power. "To give such a lowly Badnik that much power........Incredible! I must find more of these gems!.........These....Chaos Emeralds." He utilized the Emerald and suddenly, thrusters appeared behind his back. He flew into the sky, laughing maniacally. "With this power, the world will be MINE!"


-Seaside Hill Zone Resort, 1: 47 PM

Sonic and Tails were exercising themselves. They ran up to the highest mountain peak by taking an old mountain trail. Sonic and Tails made it there in absolutely no time at all.

"Piece of cake!" Sonic yelled proudly. He made a thumb's up.

"Ugh....Ur.....ah....Sonic.......too fast......dying...." Tails huffed. He fell to the ground. " go down...."

"Come on, Tails! We're only 5,000 feet above the ground!" Sonic laughed.

Suddenly, an explosion erupted in the forest, along a mountain path. Smoke appeared in the air.

"What's that!? Let's go, Tails!" Sonic jumped off the mountain's peak.

"'m...not..." Tails grunted, as he lifted his face off the ground. He then subsequently put his face back on the ground, and decided to rest.

Chapter Five: Meeting

- Seaside Hill: The Mountain Path, 1: 50 P.M.

The Ro "Badnik" Factory had been hidden by the trees, but was on a mountain path not so far away from the resort. At least, that's where it stood, before it was destroyed.

Sonic looked behind him. "No Tails? Huh, he must've gotten lost. I'll find him when I get back." He continued running.

The Badnik had started walking along the path, a few steps away from the destroyed factory. "I must find another of Eggman's factories to mass- produce my army..."He thought. He soon heard a zooming sound, and steps. It seemed to get louder and louder, until the sound actually hit him.

"Owww! That hurt!" Sonic rubbed his head. He looked around, and saw the factory. "Ah! There it is! The source of the eruption!"

"Who is this hedgehog....?" The Badnik thought. He then said, "Oh, so you saw it."

"Yep! I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog! Who are you?" Sonic asked.

"Sonic the Hedgehog?!" The Badnik was in shock. He was the Badniks' mortal enemy!

"Yeah! What of it?" Sonic confirmed his name, which shocked the Badnik even more.

Once the Badnik was composed again, he then brought out a beam from his hand. "Hmph. So it IS you. Looks like it's my lucky day. Time to be exterminated, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!"

Chapter 6: Strength of the Chaos Emerald

- Seaside Hill: Mountain Path, 1: 54 P.M.

"Prepare for extermination!" The Badnik yelled. He shot his beam at Sonic's arm, which was a direct hit.

"Yeowch!" Sonic yelled. "That hurt!" He started going onto the offensive.

"Hmm...I can do more than this. I must utilize the power of-" The Badnik thought, until he was hit by Sonic's homing attack. Sonic then began spinning around him.

"Tornado! BLAST AWAY!" Sonic shouted. It damaged the Badnik harshly.

"Grrrah!" The Badnik growled. "I SUMMON THE CHAOS EMERALD!" The Chaos Emerald in his core started to glow, and immediately, a green shelled coating began to form around him. At once, one of his arms became a cannon.
He blasted at Sonic.

"Gah!" Sonic was hit. He fell backwards, onto the ground.

The Badnik stepped on Sonic, pointing a charged blast at him that was ready to erupt at any second. "Any last words would be wasted on you. I'll blast you where you lay." He shot his blast at point blank range.

Sonic immediately grabbed one of the factory's remnants: a steel plate, in the nick of time. He put it in front of him. "Cya!"

"NoOo!!" The Badnik shouted, before blasting himself. He was flown into the sky, falling into the forest.

"Phew....." Sonic whistled. He took the recoil of the blast.

"I think I'll rest for a while...."
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Sonic: The Deep Core
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