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 The Original Godcow Hexalogy

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PostSubject: The Original Godcow Hexalogy   Wed Feb 17, 2010 12:09 pm

Quote :
Here I will be posting the original 6 stories I made of Godcow/Magikkal Eaglekku.

I: The Phantom Cow
II: Attack of the Joes
III: Revenge of the Xenu
IV: A New Eagle
V: The Joes Strikes back
VI: Return of the Cows

So.. the spoof should be recognized by now

I'll post the first story soon

From Gentendo

The Backstories are on here so if you haven't read them do so (they're on SW)
The Hexalogy is exclusive to Gentendo so take a look
Episode 1 Chapter 1 is up

Once i finish these i'll start posting stories from episodes i made up about Magikkal Eaglekku (i came up with thousands)
which will also be exclusive to Gentendo

Mainly I want Joe to look cause he is a main character
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The Original Godcow Hexalogy
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