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 Aaron's evolution chain.

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PostSubject: Aaron's evolution chain.   Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:41 am

so... where to begin?

with fishki bugging me about this, I think I need to make it clear. Aaron's species was originally a lungfish. lungfish are a similar species to the first animals to walk on land (salamanders that is). in Mobius, the Gene Bomb went off 10,000 years ago (Source), and there were severe geologic consequences, along with mass evolution of animals, and de-evolution in humans, giving them 4 fingers. According to the comics, Mobius is just Earth, 12,000 years from today. with all the mass evolution, making the animals anthropomorphic, along with reshaping the earth, Aaron's species quickly developed into a new, land-dwelling species, but with still primitive lungs, and they could breath underwater. next, hair follicles developed, making him fluffy. over time, they obviously bred with many other species, and thrived. apparently lungfish live in two separate parts of the world, so they developed differently.
The ones in Africa first bred with cats, then another tribe moved north, and bred with foxes, hedgehogs, and the echidna tribes, whilst the Australian Lungfish evolutions bred with fish, and animals such as dingoes, fish, marsupials and such. when the species became smart enough, and leveled intelligence of humans (10,000 yrs), they realized of the humans, different parts of the world, other mobians, etc. and the different animals and tribes of lungfish hybrids bred, for they are all related, and Aaron somehow came into the picture. that, my friends, is how this weird hybrid-thing Aaron came to be.

now stop bugging me. :disturbed:
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Aaron's evolution chain.
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